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An interview with Labour candidate for Reddish North, Kate Butler

30 Apr

Labour candidate for Reddish North, Kate Butler was also kind enough to answer our interview. Read her thoughts on why she believes you should vote for her below:

1) Who are you and what is your connection to Reddish? 

I’m from Oldham originally and settled in the area with my son four years ago. We both love it here and love our neighbours so much it’ll take a charge of dynamite to get rid of us! I’m a freelance public relations advisor by profession working mainly with public sector organisations, small businesses and colleges. I’m also active in the local community as part of the organising team behind ReddFest and Reddish Business Forum. One thing that impressed me straight away about the people of Reddish is their proud, positive and proactive attitude toward their neighbourhood. I’ve lived in many places over the years but none of them compare with Reddish for sheer community activism. If something needs doing, they’ll make sure it gets done. That’s my kind of attitude!

2) You’re standing in the local elections on May 3rd, why should I vote for you? 
People are in touch with me on a daily basis already asking for help with problems they’re having with fly-tipping, dangerous footpaths, worries about tenancies and disputes with neighbours. I’ve done what I can to help so far and if elected I’m really looking forward to getting properly stuck in to fully resolve these issues. In short, I just really like helping people and doing my bit to make the world a slightly better place. I’m passionate about Labour values and desperately want to see an end to the LibDems in Stockport. They’ve failed ordinary people in government and they’ve failed them in Stockport. Labour has a long, proud history of supporting the communities of Reddish and I’d be incredibly honoured to be accepted at the ballot box as part of that team.
3) Reddish currently has a political north and central/south divide but most residents seem to think the divide is more north/central and south. What are your thoughts on this?
Wherever you live, your neighbourhood is simply your neighbourhood. It’s quite irrelevant to most people most of the time where official boundaries are drawn. However, I’ve had countless conversations with residents worried and quite frankly offended by the Tory Party’s proposals to move the constituency boundaries so North Reddish becomes part of Gorton, Manchester. That’s the big issue at the moment. As part of the Labour team in Reddish, I’ll most definitely be doing whatever it takes to make sure the voice of the people is heard and this ridiculous proposal is thrown resolutely in the bin where it belongs.
4) What do you like about Reddish?
The people. Definitely the people. They’re open and friendly and always up for a chat. I love how you always bump into someone you know when you’re out and about. I love Reddish’s rich cultural and industrial history and its many wonderful buildings are a testimony to that. Sadly, much of this architectural heritage is going to waste after years of ruinous council neglect. It’s being left to community groups to do what they can stop the rot and – Reddish people being Reddish people – they’re rising to the challenge.
5) What do you wish to change about Reddish?
Ooh lots! I want to see more stuff for our young people to do. We need a youth club and plenty of activities for the school holidays. Council budget cuts have seen the end of youth services and this just isn’t good enough. Our youngsters deserve better. I want to see the district centre spring back to life. It’s a disgrace that so many shops are empty. Yes, it’s a national problem but sadly Stockport comes out as the absolute worst in the whole country. It’s just a daily reminder of how the LibDems have repeatedly let our neighbourhood down. I want to see our local business sector flourish too. I believe a strong local economy means more jobs and more jobs means a happier, healthier, wealthier community. One change I definitely do not want to see is the loss of the library and it’s just not right that the council refuses to give us any assurances about its future.
6) Reddish has suffered from being the forgotten area within the M60, we’re trying very hard to change that. How would you work to promote Reddish as a locality and a place to visit?
I’m not sure I entirely agree with you about Reddish being a forgotten area. Part of the issue is that it’s a very mixed community with pockets of deprivation nestled alongside better off areas. This means that we don’t always qualify for various pots of funding that other parts of Stockport have access to. But yes, you’re right, we need to do more to promote Reddish. I’m already putting my skills in marketing and public relations to good use with ReddFest and the business forum to get the right kind of attention for Reddish. We have a lot to offer and we need to shout a bit louder. I’m just putting the finishing touches to an online community calendar for Reddish so all our very many interest groups, churches and schools have somewhere to advertise their events. Maybe that’s a project Reddish News can get involved with!
You can contact Kate in the following ways;

An interview with Lib Dem candidate for Reddish North, Louise Shaw

30 Apr
We were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with the Lib Dem candidate for Reddish North in the forthcoming elections this week. Below are her thoughts on Reddish. Hopefully we’ll have interviews up with the other candidates later in the week.
1. Who are you and what is your connection to Reddish?
I am Louise Shaw, I work full time in the software industry, I’m in my 30’s and I’ve lived in Reddish since Nov 2011. Tho a recent addition to the area, I’ve been impressed with the local shops and businesses  (like Retreat Beauty – my local salon) and the general impression of the town as being busy and full of life!
2. Why you should I vote for you?
– If elected I’ll play an active part in the Lib Dem team that has been successfully running the ‘excellent’ Stockport Council.
– In local elections, it’s about who you want to run the Town Hall.  Lib Dem councils have frozen Council Tax and closed no libraries.  You only have to look to Manchester City Council where Lab counsellors have slashed services but held £100m in its bank account.  Reddish residents deserve better than having their services used as a political plaything.
– Labour can’t be trusted.  See attached poster which is a bag of lies.  The government has NOT cut free prescriptions, bus passes, or TV licences.
3. Reddish currently has a political north and central/south divide but most residents seem to think the divide is more north/central and south. What are your thoughts on this?

Many council wards on many councils don’t make a lot of sense to those that live there, in fact some constituencies don’t either. This is because there are often restrictions on the the amount of people that can be in wards etc, and due to demographic changes and people moving this is often in flux – so sometimes they don’t chime with people’s perceptions of where the heart of the community is. I don’t see it as the biggest problem, it’s what you and your colleagues do for the community that counts, and cross-ward co-operation can help solve issues across wards – which means the boundary doesn’t really matter.

4. What do you like about Reddish?
Local businesses, being able to go to the salon/hairdresser on my doorstep instead of having to drive to Manchester/Stockport. Local pubs and restaurants (love Pad Thai!). Everything being able to be walked too, I don’t like getting in my car unless I have to.

5. What do you wish to change about Reddish? 

Very little! I think it would be good to have more visibility of what’s going on in Reddish so I think your blog is an excellent idea!

6.  Reddish has suffered from being the forgotten area within the M60, we’re trying very hard to change that. How would you work to promote Reddish as a locality and a place to visit?

Thoough I know what you mean about friends from further away not knowing where Reddish is – I don’t agree that Reddish is a forgotten place by Stockport Council anyway.  But having a hard working councillor promoting the Reddish community as a whole will make sure this is the case!
I think a good idea would be to establish what interesting things are happening in Reddish – local fairs, community events – even book clubs and family days – and promote them further afield. I get an update via RSS from the Stockport Council website of events in Stockport – I’d certainly work to get some more Reddish events on there, and use any PR time I got in the press to make the case for people to visit Reddish!

Family Fun Day at Life Leisure.

26 Apr

There’s a family fun day on at Life Leisure, next to Broadstone Mill this Saturday 28th April from 1pm-5pm



·       FREE FACE PAINTING & KIDS ACTIVITY CLUB 1-4pm (kids zumba, games, bootcamp, circuit, boxfit and much much more, age 5+)


·       TIMETABLE LAUNCH for May 2012




If you want to attend, call 0161 4434090 to book a place.

 That’s right, use the gym for FREE!


Inflation at Classic Cakes

24 Apr

Now, here at Reddish News we love Classic Cakes. Situated in Houldsworth Square, this business serves up a fantastic array of chocolate related goodness.

Sadly though, word has reached us that the price of the Rocky Road has increased by a whopping 21%. At £1.20, it still represents excellent value for money but it’s disheartening that it’s gone up. Is this the true meaning of Broken Britain?

Hopefully we’ll be reviewing a selection of their cakes in the near future. This is after the battle over which ‘reporter’ gets to sample the goodies.

Sykes For Sale

18 Apr

So, Reddish’s one and only coffee shop is up for sale. It’s such a shame and it would be wonderful if whoever buys it keeps it as a coffee shop. Reddish really needs places like this for people to socialise, relax and just pass the time drinking coffee and reading a paper.

There doesn’t appear to be any word of this news on  the official Sykes’ blog, but the great big ‘for sale’ sign on the side of the shop isn’t being too inconspicuous. It’s on the market for a snip at £32,500. Any takers?


18 Apr

We’re a group of four people, thrust into the thriving metropolis that is Reddish.

We were astounded to find that there really is a lack of information out there about this place so we thought we’d start a news site. We’ll hopefully bring you news, reviews, interviews and anything else that ends in ‘ews’. Pews? We could go and take some photos at St. Joseph’s I guess.

Anyway, I hope this site is of use to you.