An interview with Lib Dem candidate for Reddish North, Louise Shaw

30 Apr
We were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with the Lib Dem candidate for Reddish North in the forthcoming elections this week. Below are her thoughts on Reddish. Hopefully we’ll have interviews up with the other candidates later in the week.
1. Who are you and what is your connection to Reddish?
I am Louise Shaw, I work full time in the software industry, I’m in my 30’s and I’ve lived in Reddish since Nov 2011. Tho a recent addition to the area, I’ve been impressed with the local shops and businesses  (like Retreat Beauty – my local salon) and the general impression of the town as being busy and full of life!
2. Why you should I vote for you?
– If elected I’ll play an active part in the Lib Dem team that has been successfully running the ‘excellent’ Stockport Council.
– In local elections, it’s about who you want to run the Town Hall.  Lib Dem councils have frozen Council Tax and closed no libraries.  You only have to look to Manchester City Council where Lab counsellors have slashed services but held £100m in its bank account.  Reddish residents deserve better than having their services used as a political plaything.
– Labour can’t be trusted.  See attached poster which is a bag of lies.  The government has NOT cut free prescriptions, bus passes, or TV licences.
3. Reddish currently has a political north and central/south divide but most residents seem to think the divide is more north/central and south. What are your thoughts on this?

Many council wards on many councils don’t make a lot of sense to those that live there, in fact some constituencies don’t either. This is because there are often restrictions on the the amount of people that can be in wards etc, and due to demographic changes and people moving this is often in flux – so sometimes they don’t chime with people’s perceptions of where the heart of the community is. I don’t see it as the biggest problem, it’s what you and your colleagues do for the community that counts, and cross-ward co-operation can help solve issues across wards – which means the boundary doesn’t really matter.

4. What do you like about Reddish?
Local businesses, being able to go to the salon/hairdresser on my doorstep instead of having to drive to Manchester/Stockport. Local pubs and restaurants (love Pad Thai!). Everything being able to be walked too, I don’t like getting in my car unless I have to.

5. What do you wish to change about Reddish? 

Very little! I think it would be good to have more visibility of what’s going on in Reddish so I think your blog is an excellent idea!

6.  Reddish has suffered from being the forgotten area within the M60, we’re trying very hard to change that. How would you work to promote Reddish as a locality and a place to visit?

Thoough I know what you mean about friends from further away not knowing where Reddish is – I don’t agree that Reddish is a forgotten place by Stockport Council anyway.  But having a hard working councillor promoting the Reddish community as a whole will make sure this is the case!
I think a good idea would be to establish what interesting things are happening in Reddish – local fairs, community events – even book clubs and family days – and promote them further afield. I get an update via RSS from the Stockport Council website of events in Stockport – I’d certainly work to get some more Reddish events on there, and use any PR time I got in the press to make the case for people to visit Reddish!

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