Jubilee Partee

28 May


Yes, after half an hour of staring at a blank screen, that was actually the best title I could come up with for this article.

That aside, you might be thinking what can I do this weekend to celebrate Her Majesty’s reign for the last six decades? Well, for those of us that didn’t get the invite to the party at the palace and still don’t know who Lang Lang* is, Reddish isn’t without its parties.

Sunday 3rd June

As we’ve previously mentioned, there’s a party over on the second floor of Houldsworth Mill. They’re having an indoor street party from 10-4pm with traditional games, a re-enactment of the Queen’s coronation and all the shops will be open for you to peruse.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then there’s also a big jubilee lunch on at St. Elizabeth’s Church from 1-4pm. There’s a lunch (but please bring some savoury food along and contribute), brass band, children’s games and even a royal quiz.  They’re encouraging people to dress up as a member of the Royal family, red white and blue or in a 50’s outfit. That’ll be my Dad attending in his normal clothing then.

Sunday 4th June

Reddish Conservative club are holding a big party. From 2pm until the evening, non-members are welcome. There’s a children’s entertainer from 3pm, George and Peppa Pig and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Activities include a lucky dip, tombola and a cake stall. At 6:30pm there’s live entertainment followed by an adult disco.

Houldsworth Working Men’s Club will be holding a disco from 6pm. This will feature live music and karaoke disco with music from the 50’s-90’s

If you know of anything else going on, please let us know. If you’re having a BBQ and want the Reddish News team to attend, eat your food and drink your beer, we’ll be there!

*Lang Lang is apparently a Chinese pianist.

by Jez Myers

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