Sweat Shed Boot Camp – Week 2 Round Up

18 Jun

We have approached the middle of the month and the end of the first 2 weeks of bootcamp at Sweat Shed and so I thought I’d update you.

Each class has been different and challenging but not too daunting. The types of exercise have varied, but you won’t find your typical gym workouts here. From planking and lifting sandbags to the dreaded burpees, each session is designed to push both physically and mentally. The exercises are largely based around bodyweight training; where rather than using lots of weights you use your own bodyweight for resistance. Common exercises include variations of planks, sit-ups and squats. Sometimes we will use weights to make it harder and there have been circuit type classes that use a range of equipment.

Before I started I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and that everyone would be super fit however when I look around during the classes it seems that there is a big mix of abilities; although there are a few people who resemble The Hulk they are not the sort who need to rip the sleeves off their t-shirts to get their arms in. Sweat Shed is about strength and conditioning, not just about looks and so you won’t find any posers flexing their arms in the mirror here. Whilst you do need a fairly decent level of fitness if you can’t do an exercise very well there is no shouting, no being made to feel weak and most importantly no bullying. As I mentioned in my first blog I was scared that Mat was going to be like a Drill Sergeant – instead he is motivating and encouraging and will push you as far as you can go without being belittling or patronising, although he might laugh at you a bit!

I’m not going to lie – the sessions have been hard but they have not been intimidating ‘I’m never going back’ hard.  If only I could persuade the rest of the Reddish News team to come along and see for themselves!

by Liz Edwards


You can read Liz’s Week 1 write up HERE


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