It’s a Rocky Road

25 Jun

One of the biggest issues I face almost on a daily basis is staying away from Classic Cakes. Positioned right next to the bus stop on Gorton Road and absolute torture for the dieter who has to catch the bus several times a week. Their window display alone is enough to get me drooling. I have to operate a serious level of restraint to stay away.

From the first day I moved to Reddish my weakness has been the Rocky Road, I have never seen anything like it. A mound of marshmallow, biscuit and what I assume is left over sugar paste from the cakes all wrapped up in milk chocolate. There is a white chocolate version but I’m loyal to the milk chocolate option. This thing is a beast – I challenge you to eat it in one sitting (but no, I am not sharing).

The Rocky Road is a sweet, gooey crunchy sensation. Possibly one of the best things about Reddish. The sweet mountain will set you back all of £1.20, a very reasonable price for the size. Not a marshmallow fan? Classic Cakes have something for everyone and I’m sure the rest of the Reddish News team will be sharing their favourite sweet treats with you in the future.

Until then let us know what your favourite Reddish cake shop is, and don’t forget to let us know what we should try out!

by Liz Edwards

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