Sweat Shed Boot Camp – Survived!

3 Jul

June is over and so ends my first month at Sweat Shed. I have to say that I have really enjoyed the majority of the sessions (apart from one with an unmentionable amount of burpees) and have been able to sweat my way through them, with somewhat questionable performance at times.  I have become accustomed to walking like a cowboy, unable to walk up and down stairs without groaning, as well as moaning about every single muscle in my body aching at some point.

Enough about my complaints, I’m sure you want to know what the benefits have been! Well I feel much fitter. I was fairly active before however Sweat Shed has boosted my fitness to new levels. I am stronger and more confident in trying new exercise and as a bonus have lost a bit of weight. I (mostly) look forward to the sessions, even though the ones I have been to have started at 6:30am. I can’t say that I would say the same if it were winter and the mornings were dark!

The evening (6:30pm) and Saturday morning (10am) classes have been the busiest but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off, in fact I found that the busier the class the more difficult it has been, even if the exercises were meant to be the same! The early and mid morning classes tend to have between 6 and 15 people at a time, so it really feels like value for money when you get such small groups.

I would encourage anyone to sign up who wants to be pushed to the next fitness level, no matter whether you are a novice or a pro. Unfortunately you will have to wait until August, as Sweat Shed is fully booked for July. However they don’t just offer boot camp, individual and group personal training are now available and new this month is a ladies only Boxfit class run by new Sweat Shedder Jenna.

 I have enjoyed boot camp so much that I have signed up for another month, and this time am dragging Reddish News team members Ana and Ben along to be put through their paces.  Jez is still unconvinced but I think we will get him there.

 Thanks to Mat Leigh, for an awesome month of hard training, and here’s to another month of progress and pain!

by Liz Edwards

Check out Liz’s previous Sweat Shed Boot Camp write ups here and here!

Check out the Sweat Shed site for more details including their Facebook, Twitter and You Tube sites.


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