Reddish: The Five Year Plan. Part Two: Community

9 Aug


Some of us are fairly new to Reddish, having lived here for less than a year, and to be honest we feel that the community spirit is a little lacking. We’ve met with some fantastic cheerleaders trying to do their best for the area but we’ve also met with some people who have either given up or consigned the area to failure.

We might not have a swimming pool but we do have a library and a community centre and a massive great park. There are some fantastic pockets of community spirit but there seems no real Reddish pride amongst residents. We’re lucky to have a lot of independent retailers so it is a surprise that they don’t seem to be leading the community. There are events going on, like the Jubilee party in Houldsworth Mill but people don’t seem to want to go. Is it because they don’t know about these things or is it because they have no interest in going?

The aesthetics of Reddish do not help; the many run down properties and empty shops doesn’t really instill pride. Stockport has been lucky enough to be included in the Portas Pilot Scheme, so perhaps Reddish can piggy back off of that and take steps to encourage new retailers to the area – not just the Square but throughout Reddish as a whole.

We would love to see a vibrant district centre that can hold it’s own against the likes of the Heatons. A community hub where people can gather and friendly spaces to meet. Somewhere that is a hive of activity that will draw people in from around Cheshire and Manchester.


What do you think? Do you feel Reddish pride? What changes would you like to see?

by Liz Edwards


One Response to “Reddish: The Five Year Plan. Part Two: Community”

  1. Michael Bond August 12, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Action for Reddish? See the campaign at for a new youth sports and fitness centre.
    Rewards for everyone who participates and good long term benefits for the whole community.
    Helpers welcome to join in.

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