Reddish Rumours

10 Sep
Here at Reddish News, we stumble across rumours from time to time and, whilst most don’t fall into our remit, this one kind of does.

We’re hearing talk of a “you say we pay” style event being planned where members of the community can bid for money, rumoured to be up to £2500, to boost positive work within the community.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and we wouldn’t have a clue how to describe Ruby Wax to Richard and Judy either, but apparently it’s not based on the sadly missed game show.

From what we’ve heard, it’s aimed at getting those who wouldn’t normally speak up or air their ideas in public rather than the usual community groups and it’ll be the community who vote and decide who gets the cash.

So far, it sounds great. Let’s just hope that it happens. We’re voting to have a Gladiators style assault course built in the car park opposite the Phad Thai.


By Jez Myers

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