21 Sep

A few weeks ago at Reddish News, we posted a story about a potential ‘You Say, We Pay’ event happening. Well, we were pretty much on the money (or maybe that should be in the money?) with our information.

Following on from last year’s Community First funding, applications are now being accepted from community groups that aim to help in any of the following categories;

Stronger Communities
Children and Young People
Economic Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing
Older People
Cultural Development
Environment Activities

The pot of money available is around the £30,000 mark and applications for between £250 and £2500 are welcome. They will be viewed and shortlisted by a panel which will then go on to a community voting event.

The deadline for applications is Friday 12th October 2012. The voting event will take place at Reddish Vale Technology College on Saturday 17th November between 11am-2pm.

An application form can be downloaded here

For more information, contact Steve Fox on 0161 474 3206 or e-mail stephen.fox@stockport.gov.uk

by Jez Myers



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