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My milkshake brings all the boys to the ‘dish

16 Nov

It’s no secret that here at Reddish News we love all things confectionery based. Imagine our excitement when we heard about a milkshake bar opening up on Broadstone Road. Luckily for us, we were able to grab a few quick questions with owner Andy to ask him all about this new business venture.

Hi Andy, when I first heard the rumour about a milkshake bar in Reddish, I thought “why?”, so, why?
Hi, well basically, I kind of poached the idea from a milkshake bar in Manchester City Centre. For maybe 2/3 yrs I’ve been shopping there followed almost instantly with a ‘confectionary milkshake’
Even as far back as when I first saw the place, I always wondered what if Reddish had one to work alongside the sunbed shop (editor’s note – Andy also runs Glow next door) I have there but it’s only this year the thought became more if a serious consideration and now a new start up business.

When I driving by recently I saw a queue of schoolchildren clambering to get in, is that your main target audience?
If you drive past midweek, I have to agree that you’ll see scores of school children cramming themselves in from wall to wall – however this isn’t our target audience specifically although it has become one of out stronger audiences. We also target gym goers (protein & fresh fruit shakes) and the confectionery  shakes are ageless.

Whilst I love milkshakes and I’m happy to go on record as saying that I loved my Dime bar one, do you do any healthier alternatives or smoothies?
We understand the importance of ‘healthier alternatives’ and do have – as mentioned – fresh fruit options with fruit smoothies becoming available in time for Summer 2013. We also sell fresh fruit bowls and healthy option cereal/breakfast bars too.

Is there any plan to cater for the non milk drinkers with soya alternatives?
At present we don’t have anything in place to cater for non milk drinkers but hopefully at some point once we’re settled and trading steadily, we can arrange to have things in place for this type of shake in the future.

What are the best milkshake combinations?
As far as trying to determine which is our best combination, it is something we hope to never to establish and sell as many different combinations as possible. We can advise you via the popularity scale but its down to you guys as milkshake monsters to determine YOUR best combination 🙂

MyShake is at 63 Broadstone Road, open 7 days a week. For more information, send questions to their twitter.

(sorry for referring to Reddish as the ‘dish. It won’t happen again)

by Jeremy Myers

The Mill Tea Room

15 Nov



Having recently attended the re-opening of the Broadstone Mill outlet village, I have to admit that I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Admittedly, the target age range is slightly higher than the demographic in which I currently sit, but with the new book selection and kitchen range, I find myself popping there  on a semi-frequent basis.

The opening up of the second floor which connects the arts and crafts area and increases the ladies clothing area was a masterstroke.

Even better, the Mill Tea Room is now open.  “Situated on the Upper Floor near the windows in the Ladieswear Department. Come along between 10am and 4pm, have a seat and relax while the team serve you with a great selection of drinks and food. ”

They have scones and danish cakes, people. SCONES AND DANISH!!!!



Holidays are coming!

15 Nov