We’re a group of four people, thrust into the thriving metropolis that is Reddish. We were frustrated by the lack of information out there about this area, so we thought we’d start a news site. We’ll hopefully bring you news, reviews, interviews and anything else that ends in ‘ews’. Pews?

Who are we?

Jeremy Myers

I moved to Reddish the best part of 12 years ago, moved away and then bought in the Houldsworth Square area in Feb 2004.  I’ve always loved the transport links, the country park on my doorstep and the Dragon Palace’s 3 courses offer. My friends and I noticed that whilst a lot was going on in Reddish, it was incredibly hard to get this information out to people. Therefore we started this blog with a  view to getting the community talking and to promote Reddish to those who don’t know about it.

Prior to this, I worked in social housing and homeless prevention. My community background was strengthened by my organisation of the Riot Clean Up in August 2011. This ultimately led to winning several community based awards including the Pride of Manchester award 2011.

E-mail : jez@reddishnews.co.uk

Ana Hernandez

I moved to Reddish in October 2011. Myself and Ben were looking to buy in Manchester and the house prices in Reddish were incredibly affordable for first time buyers. We’d been priced out of  the more obvious locations for young professionals, like Chorlton and Didsbury and so decided to give Reddish a chance! We’ve found Reddish has a lot to offer and has loads of potential to grow. Anyway, we figured we couldn’t be the only youngsters moving to Reddish because of the property prices, yearning for a decent coffee shop and a nice local pub, so this blog was born.

E-mail: ana@reddishnews.co.uk

Liz Edwards

I moved from Birmingham to Reddish in September 2011 to study a Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University. We were guided to the area by Jez and found it was the perfect location for me to commute into Manchester and for my boyfriend to commute to Cheshire. We currently rent a property in Reddish and like Ana and Ben found we could get much more for our money here. Reddish has so much to offer it seems a shame that very few people know what is going on and so I hope this blog will help spread the word as well as give the community a focal point for finding out what is going on in Reddish.

E-mail: liz@reddishnews.co.uk

Ben Stroud

I moved from Heaton Moor to Reddish in 2011 with Ana (my partner)and almost immediately fell in love the place and not just because of the house prices. Reddish has so much to offer, it has a vibrant community, a country park literally right on it’s doorstep and it just needs a nudge into people’s consciousness. Reddish seems to be overlooked a little bit by Stockport County Council and this needs to change. Plus, we need some decent pubs and a couple more coffee shops so I can have a poncey latte from time to time. Hopefully the blog will help raise the profile of Reddish and help make the people and businesses of Reddish heard online!

E-mail: ben@reddishnews.co.uk

3 Responses to “About”

  1. AR May 10, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Well done,I think its a brilliant idea and very true we do need people to promote Reddish more. I moved here from Didsbury in 1988 and have found that Reddish has a great Community and a lot people that care. AR

    • reddishnews May 14, 2012 at 8:30 am #

      Thanks so much for the support Amanda! We really appreciate it and will be striving to get Reddish on the map where it belongs! 🙂

    • reddishnews May 14, 2012 at 9:39 am #

      Thanks a lot. I was born in Didsbury and grew up on Spath Road before leaving aged 18. When I came to buy about 8 years ago, I found Reddish offered excellent transport links and great value for money. I’m just glad that I feel that I can get involved in the community here.

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