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Reddfest weekend special

7 Jun


Are you Reddy?

It’s that time of year again for the annual Reddfest celebration. Organised by Reddish Business Forum ( if you run a local business and aren’t part of this organisation, you really should join) this promises to be a half day of arts & crafts, music and a load of community based stalls.

So, what do you need to know?

Well, it’s held in Houldsworth Square, it’s on Saturday 9th June and it’s on from 11am-4pm. Most importantly though, it looks like the weather will be acceptable (15 and cloudy) so no need to bring the brolly.

St. Mary’s primary school are doing some African drumming at 11:30 and followed by the Reddish Prize Band at 12. Did you know Reddish had a brass band? I didn’t.  They’ve been about for 115 years so you’ve got to think that they’ll be awesome after all that rehearsing.

There is an art gallery and competition being judged based on local schools’ submissions. Above all that though, there’ll be the announcement of the Classic Cakes competition winner!

Some of the stalls look fantastic, I love the work that Youthspace do and they’ll not only have a stall throughout the day but also a workshop at Reddish WMC from 4pm. Other stalls include ARC, Friends of Reddish Vale and The Kindling Trust, all of whom we’re planning future articles on.

We’ll be down there, we might even have some flyers to hand out so please say hi.

For more info, check out Reddfest or follow them on Twitter.


Farmer’s Market at The Mill

We’ve heard lots of rumours that there’s a farmer’s market on its wat to the car park at Broadstone Mill on Sunday from 10am. I think this would be a great addition to the local community and would be fantastic. However, we’ve tried and failed to get any more information on it. If I find out any more then I’ll update this and let everyone know. The last information I had was that it was from 10am, there will be stalls as well as shops and a bouncy castle for the kids. If anyone knows anything more about this then please tell us!

Messy Church

If you’re at a loose end on Sunday and have a child (or children) aged 5-11 then Messy Church could be the place for you. Reddish Life Centre on Sykes Street is offering an arts and crafts session from 4-6pm. The cost is £1 for adults and 50p for children, but this includes sandwiches and drinks.

Competition Winner

As I was overwhelmed with responses to last week’s competition to name a person who came from Reddish, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the £1 towards a cake is Amanda Green of ‘Creations 4 Occasions’ at Broadstone Mill. She feels that we should be known as Reddishians. A gold coloured coin will be winging itself towards you shortly.

Thanks as always for reading, we’re nearly up to 1500 views and 150 followers on twitter so please help to spread the word. See you at Reddfest!

By Jez Myers

Review: Sweat Shed

4 Jun
Sweat Shed Logo

Hidden away down on the Vauxhall Estate is Sweat Shed – a place that has filled me with fear since I was talked into signing up for a month long bootcamp. I’m not scared of hard work – I used to train with someone known as ‘The Punisher’ – but the very idea of bootcamp left me feeling sick to the stomach. There is something about the name that makes you picture scary army trainers shouting at you to do 1000 press ups in the mud.

Luckily there was no mud and no shouting (but there were a few press-ups). Mat, owner and instructor was kind and welcoming and the first 45 minute class flew past. The session was broken down into sections. The first was partner work where there were 3 lots of 8 minute bursts or exercises. This was followed by around 5 minutes of individual work. These were challenging and luckily there was no pressure to keep going if you need to rest.

The first session has put some of my fears to rest, but Mat has a glint in his eye that suggests he likes causing pain so I’m sure the sessions are going to get tougher. I’m going to be going along to bootcamp sessions over the next month and will be updating regularly on my progress. Wish me luck!

If you’re taking part in this months bootcamp, or have previously taken part let us know. Please don’t scare me too much though!

by Liz Edwards

You can read Liz’s Week 2 Round Up HERE

My week in Reddish

31 May

I thought that, as I have that Thursday feeling, and I’m waiting for various articles to turn up that I’d post about a few things that had crossed my path this week. This is what I love about Reddish, scratch away at the surface and you find some excellent stuff.

Reddish North End

I met John from the club at the Reddish Business Forum event and was completely bowled over by his enthusiasm for the club despite him not being a football fan. In my mind, the kind of person that Reddish should be proud to have as part of their community.

The club operates 22 youth teams and has big expansion plans afoot.  I can’t wait to write a full article on what they do and what they’re planning.

This week they’re running a football camp and, upon my visit to see him, I was roped into having a quick game. The attitude of the staff, the kids and the coaches was exemplary. Just a shame that it was throwing it down and the rain soaked into my jeans. Next time I’ll go prepared. Whilst it’s a bit late to get onto this week’s camp, they’re running a 3 day one from Weds-Fri next week at a cost of £15 total and runs from 9:30-3:30. A total bargain. More info can be found here.

They are also running a golf day at Houldsworth Golf Club on Friday 16th June. £40 will get you a round of golf, a bacon sarnie and tea/coffee on arrival and a 2 course dinner.

It’s a Con

Marie has sent me through a list of events going on at the Reddish Conservative Club throughout June. These are open to both members and non-members. I’ll be popping in to their Jubilee party and I’m informed that Abbey Roadz is particularly good. Sadly, it seems that the Lee Martin performing isn’t the scorer of the 1990 FA cup winning goal v Crystal Palace.

The Grey Horse

Now, I’ve only ever been in once but my pint was £2.21 and that’s not to be sniffed at. However, did you know that they have poker every Thursday from 8pm? Did you know that they have a disco and karaoke every Friday and that you get a free shot if you perform? There are 30 shots in a bottle of vodka, Take That have had 30 singles. I’ll be performing all of them, chronologically, one terribly drunken night in the future.

They’re also looking for ladies to join their darts team. Apparently they play on a log end board. No, me either.

Competition Time

So, I’ve been thinking, what is someone from Reddish actually known as?  I’m really hopeful that it’s not a Reddishite but I’ve really no idea. Therefore, I thought I’d run a little competition. The person who mails us here with the best and most inventive name wins a cake of their choice from Classic Cakes (up to the value of £1 – this is coming from my own pocket!)

The competition will close by the time the post next Thursday goes out and the winner will be announced then.

Good luck and have a fantastic Jubilee weekend.

By Jez Myers

Life Leisure

14 May

Having been an avid gym goer for many years, and leaving behind a family of gym buddies in Birmingham, finding a decent gym up north was very important to me. I spent a long time researching my options and seeing as it was unlikely that I could stay with my chain of club the search began for a replacement. After a bit of googleing and a quick phone call I went down to Life Leisure, Houldsworth village and after being tempted by a student friendly monthly fee I joined up.

For those that don’t know, Life Leisure is the face of Stockport Sports Trust and the facilities in Reddish seem to be very new and modern. For me there are a number of things I look for in a good gym: cleanliness, decent opening hours, good facilities and staff attitude. The last may seem a little odd but I find it really important to be in a positive, motivating environment. At Life Leisure the staff are friendly but some of the trainers and instructors seem fairly young and at the start of their fitness careers which can limit their knowledge and confidence.

The atmosphere can vary but is normally positive. A wide range of people are members and so working out is not intimidating in the slightest.  During classes there is normally a sense of team morale with members encouraging each other.

All of the facilities are cleaned to a very high standard and most of the equipment is top of the range with iPod docks and if you don’t want to listen to music you can watch one of the wall-mounted televisions. The gym itself is fairly small with limited equipment. They have everything you would expect as well as keeping up to date with the latest freestyle training trend offering ViPR and kettlebell classes; I would like to see more Freestyle equipment such as TRX or core bags but there is simply not the space. Unusually Life Leisure has two X-Dream bikes – exercise bikes that are more like videogames and take your mind off the exercise. Recently one of the indoor football pitches has been transformed into a basketball/badminton court which I am excited to try out.

If you don’t fancy hitting the gym there are a wide variety of classes to try out, although these often become very busy so booking ahead is a must. This can be very frustrating, especially when people do not turn up.

A class only membership is available, and a discounted full membership is also currently on offer at a very reasonable £17.99 per month. Pop into the club for more information and hopefully I’ll see you in there soon.

By Liz Edwards

Snooker Loopy

8 May


With the snooker world championships just finishing, you might fancy yourself as the next Ronnie O’Sullivan or Chas Hodges (look, he’s holding a cue in the picture above. I don’t care if he doesn’t actually play snooker or how his actual profession is singing about rabbits), Reddish Conservative Club have launched their summer league for members.

The cost is £1 per week, it’s every Tuesday at 8pm. There’s a handicap for all players, mine is the fact I need to stand on a box to see over the table, and the top eight get to share a prize fund.

For more information, click on the link below or contact the Conservative Club on 432-1530

Reddish Conservative Club




By Jez Myers

Dog Messing Me Around

7 May

One of the major problems in Reddish is, in my opinion, the sheer volume of dog mess that seems to be clogging up the streets – in particular on Gorton Road.

Now before I start this, can I please point something out? I am not the sort of person to take my grievances to the local newspaper at the first opportunity. I am not the sort of person that writes a letter that is sub-edited by the paper with a witty title – written under a pseudonym. I, dear reader, am simply one man. One man that’s trod in a lot of dog mess on Gorton Road.

I’ve called Stockport Council twice so far about the mess that’s being left on the road, only to be told that they have ‘signs’ up telling people they could be fined £50 if their dog vents it’s bowels on the street. These signs amount to little more than glorfied window stickers stuck to a lamp post – very similar in style to the one below:

Dog mess sign

Firstly, the lady on the phone was apologetic – Stockport, she said ‘has a problem’ with dog mess in the streets (depressing, no?). She promised to send a clean-up team to the stretch of Gorton Road that was affected. She then passed me through to the local dog warden department, who promptly sent some people out to make sure that the stickers were stuck to the right lamp posts. They were, yet the dog’s mess still remains.

This is incredibly frustrating to me, as I have to walk up Gorton Road to Reddish North train station every morning, and I am constantly having to dodge the mess. I can only image the problem that parents and the less able-bodied members of our community have with dodging this. If it’s a nightmare getting out of my shoes, then I can only imagine how hard it is to get it out of the wheels of a pram or wheelchair.

If you own a dog, then if it takes a massive, Mr. Whippy-style crap on the ground whilst you’re out walking it, PICK IT UP. If you can’t bend down to pick up your dog’s mess, then you shouldn’t own a dog. I don’t care how old you are, there are plenty of tools and utensils on the market to help cope with the stuff coming out of your dog.

And if you are concerned about the amount of dog mess that is in your area of Reddish, then please contact the council. They receive over 700 complaints about fouling in the Stockport area a year, so they’ve  put together an online form to help you organise a street cleansing. Street cleansing sounds like quite a dodgy term, but trust me, it’s a Good Thing.

I would imagine that a good 98% of dog owners in the Reddish area are conscientious, and clean up after their furry friends. But, as always, the 2% of people that cannot be bothered to pick up after themselves are making the streets of Reddish a lot less appealing to residents and visitors.

I’d like the council to lead from the front on this, and not leave it to the residents. I’ve seen some great signage up in Wigan, which is clear, hard to tamper with, and stands out.

Wigan dog mess sign

What do you think? Do you have a problem with dog fouling in your area? Do you have any examples of a community catching persistent foulers in the act? If so, share your story below…

By Ben Stroud

Reddish Business Forum – The Reddfest Launch Event

7 May

When we set up Reddish news, one of the main aims was to let people know about what was going on in the community. That’s not just for the general public but also for local businesses too. I’ve attended several of these events and they’re great for looking at how businesses can interact with each other.

The event is being held at

Reddish Conservative Club
1 Westbourne Grove

it’s on

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 from 17:30 to 19:30

There will be a an opportunity to meet ReddFest stakeholders, discover what the festival organisers have planned for this year and discuss ways the business community can make the most of the event.

It will also be attended by the new Mayor of Stockport and there will be a buffet and wine or soft drinks available. Yes, wine!!!!

If you want to attend,  you can get a free e-ticket from here RBFevent

For more information on Reddish Business Forum, you can follow them on twitter here or visit their website here


By Jez Myers

Why We Love Reddish Councillors

5 May

Now, irrespective of your political leanings (and as a blog we try very hard to not favour one party over any other) you can’t help but be touched by this heartwarming twitter based story.

Whilst waiting for the election results to come through a few nights ago, an interesting tweet popped up.


This immediately pushed various comical images into my head of a person in a big rosette frantically running around, shouting and flailing their arms in the Stockport Town Hall. Who would be responsible for such an act though?


For this reason alone, Paul Moss, we salute you!

By Jez Myers

Labour hold Reddish

4 May

The country is waking up to a shift in the political landscape and I’m sure that over the coming days we will hear numerous expert opinions and excuses over why some seats were won and why some were lost. Most importantly what has happened in Reddish and what does this mean for us?

In Reddish North, Labour candidate Kate Butler received 2027 votes, took 69% of the vote and was declared the winner. Meanwhile, in Reddish South, some scarily similar results were seen as Labour candidate Andy Verdeille won with 2028 votes, 70% of the vote.

In total Labour took 8 out of the 21 available seats on Stockport council. The Lib Dems did not escape the national backlash and although they managed to win 10 seats they suffered the loss of council leader Dave Goddard, who lost by just 45 votes, whilst two other members scraped through with majorities in double figures. The Tories won just 2 seats.

What happens to the council leadership is unclear at this point, but we understand that Labour will not go into a coalition with the Lib Dems.

Congratulations Kate and Andy, we look forward to seeing what you achieve in Reddish over the next few years!

Sykes – For sale but going nowhere!

2 May

The lovely people at Sykes have replied to our earlier post about it being for sale ( to reassure us of the future of Sykes;

“Hi,Just to let everyone in Reddish know Sykes Coffee Bar is NOT Closing down :0) The business is up for sale because we just don’t have the time to run it as we have other business commitments. We however want some to buy it and keep it as Sykes Coffee Bar as everyone keeps telling us they don’t want us to go. We are hoping the right person will come along and will be able to open 7 days a week and also make use of our alcohol license. So if you know anyone who fits the bill let them know but in the mean time were staying put and will be open 5 days a week Tuesday – Saturday 8.45am-4.30pm :0)
Many Thanks Sykes
You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Sorry our blog is no longer in action.”

As you might have seen from our original post, we really like Sykes. Yes, we think it would be great to rename it Psyche’s after the PJ and Duncan album and turn it into a 90’s themed cafe but that is a little unlikely.


However, it does pose a more serious point. Sykes is the only coffee shop/cafe bar in the centre of Reddish. It has the potential to be a fantastic community hub that could appeal to both young mothers during the day and young professionals in the evening. Reddish needs something like this.

If you haven’t been, go and check it out. I’ll be popping in later today.

Facebook :

Twitter : @sykesbar