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The Big Stockport Walk – Get Involved!

15 Aug


Inspired by London 2012? Want to become more physically active? Want to raise money for a charity that is close to you? Want to challenge yourself? Check out the information below and get involved with the Big Stockport Walk!

The Big Stockport Walk – 9th September 2012

Distance: 5 Mile & 10 Mile Walks

Start Time: From 10.00am until 12.00 noon

Starting Location: Reddish Vale Technology College, SK5 7HD

Finishing Location: Reddish Vale Technology College, SK5 7HD

Entry Cost: £5.00

Additional information: Register and pay before 31st July to be in with a chance of gaining £500 for your chosen charity. Sponsorship Form is available by clicking here or register at

Route Maps: 10 Mile Walk – 5 Mile Walk


Sweat Shed Boot Camp – Survived!

3 Jul

June is over and so ends my first month at Sweat Shed. I have to say that I have really enjoyed the majority of the sessions (apart from one with an unmentionable amount of burpees) and have been able to sweat my way through them, with somewhat questionable performance at times.  I have become accustomed to walking like a cowboy, unable to walk up and down stairs without groaning, as well as moaning about every single muscle in my body aching at some point.

Enough about my complaints, I’m sure you want to know what the benefits have been! Well I feel much fitter. I was fairly active before however Sweat Shed has boosted my fitness to new levels. I am stronger and more confident in trying new exercise and as a bonus have lost a bit of weight. I (mostly) look forward to the sessions, even though the ones I have been to have started at 6:30am. I can’t say that I would say the same if it were winter and the mornings were dark!

The evening (6:30pm) and Saturday morning (10am) classes have been the busiest but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off, in fact I found that the busier the class the more difficult it has been, even if the exercises were meant to be the same! The early and mid morning classes tend to have between 6 and 15 people at a time, so it really feels like value for money when you get such small groups.

I would encourage anyone to sign up who wants to be pushed to the next fitness level, no matter whether you are a novice or a pro. Unfortunately you will have to wait until August, as Sweat Shed is fully booked for July. However they don’t just offer boot camp, individual and group personal training are now available and new this month is a ladies only Boxfit class run by new Sweat Shedder Jenna.

 I have enjoyed boot camp so much that I have signed up for another month, and this time am dragging Reddish News team members Ana and Ben along to be put through their paces.  Jez is still unconvinced but I think we will get him there.

 Thanks to Mat Leigh, for an awesome month of hard training, and here’s to another month of progress and pain!

by Liz Edwards

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Check out the Sweat Shed site for more details including their Facebook, Twitter and You Tube sites.

Sweat Shed Boot Camp – Week 2 Round Up

18 Jun

We have approached the middle of the month and the end of the first 2 weeks of bootcamp at Sweat Shed and so I thought I’d update you.

Each class has been different and challenging but not too daunting. The types of exercise have varied, but you won’t find your typical gym workouts here. From planking and lifting sandbags to the dreaded burpees, each session is designed to push both physically and mentally. The exercises are largely based around bodyweight training; where rather than using lots of weights you use your own bodyweight for resistance. Common exercises include variations of planks, sit-ups and squats. Sometimes we will use weights to make it harder and there have been circuit type classes that use a range of equipment.

Before I started I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and that everyone would be super fit however when I look around during the classes it seems that there is a big mix of abilities; although there are a few people who resemble The Hulk they are not the sort who need to rip the sleeves off their t-shirts to get their arms in. Sweat Shed is about strength and conditioning, not just about looks and so you won’t find any posers flexing their arms in the mirror here. Whilst you do need a fairly decent level of fitness if you can’t do an exercise very well there is no shouting, no being made to feel weak and most importantly no bullying. As I mentioned in my first blog I was scared that Mat was going to be like a Drill Sergeant – instead he is motivating and encouraging and will push you as far as you can go without being belittling or patronising, although he might laugh at you a bit!

I’m not going to lie – the sessions have been hard but they have not been intimidating ‘I’m never going back’ hard.  If only I could persuade the rest of the Reddish News team to come along and see for themselves!

by Liz Edwards

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Review: Sweat Shed

4 Jun
Sweat Shed Logo

Hidden away down on the Vauxhall Estate is Sweat Shed – a place that has filled me with fear since I was talked into signing up for a month long bootcamp. I’m not scared of hard work – I used to train with someone known as ‘The Punisher’ – but the very idea of bootcamp left me feeling sick to the stomach. There is something about the name that makes you picture scary army trainers shouting at you to do 1000 press ups in the mud.

Luckily there was no mud and no shouting (but there were a few press-ups). Mat, owner and instructor was kind and welcoming and the first 45 minute class flew past. The session was broken down into sections. The first was partner work where there were 3 lots of 8 minute bursts or exercises. This was followed by around 5 minutes of individual work. These were challenging and luckily there was no pressure to keep going if you need to rest.

The first session has put some of my fears to rest, but Mat has a glint in his eye that suggests he likes causing pain so I’m sure the sessions are going to get tougher. I’m going to be going along to bootcamp sessions over the next month and will be updating regularly on my progress. Wish me luck!

If you’re taking part in this months bootcamp, or have previously taken part let us know. Please don’t scare me too much though!

by Liz Edwards

You can read Liz’s Week 2 Round Up HERE

Kingfisher Health Club

24 May

I’m not a natural gym goer. In fact I kind of hate the gym with a deep, heartlfelt passion. But the thing is, I love McDonalds with that same passion and something had to give. So, after living in Reddish for about four months with 3 McDonalds in a 2 mile radius, I reluctantly looked for a gym to join to work off the excess fat that was beginning to clog up my arteries.

Cue the Kingfisher Health Club. After a quick Google I came across the KHC and was excited at just how close to my house it was. Bonus. So I headed down after work and was shown around by a nice sporty looking guy who was friendly and informative and didn’t make me feel like the intruder I was. The KHC is based in Houldsworth Mill so it’s all high ceilings and big industrial steel things. It feels luxurious, calm, clean and almost like you’re going to give yourself a treat, which is ideal for someone like me who needs to be tricked into going.

I agreed to an induction the following week, which was thorough (full-on health check with blood pressure and weigh-in – gulp). I was then shown how all of the equipment worked and was even given a little personalised workout plan. The gym is fully equipped with all the latest gear, including those Vibration Plate things, which scare me a bit. There is also a separate part of the gym with a huge screen which has sound and usually a football match going on. Safe to say this part is usually taken up with men on running machines but I thought it was a pretty cool touch if you wanted a break from listening to your iPod or lip-reading the TV screens.

There are a huge range of classes available at loads of different times of day, which is another plus point for me as I work from home and can join the nanas for a bit of aerobics at 11am, but my favourite part is the pool. It’s just lovely. Small enough to make you feel like an Olympic swimmer when you’ve done 10 lengths in record time, but big enough to accommodate during a busy period. I would say not to go on a Saturday afternoon though as KHC allows free swimming for members children (obviously is you have children this would be an ideal time to go). Alongside the swimming pool is a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Total relaxation.

Membership to the Kingfisher Health Club is £36.50 a month – this includes full use of the gym, pool and spa and all classes. Plus you are given two free swim passes so you can drag along someone else for the fun.

Kingfisher Health Club, Houldsworth Mill, Broadstone Road, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 6DD

Tel: 0161 975 5152

Twitter: @kingfisherhc

by Ana Hernandez

Life Leisure

14 May

Having been an avid gym goer for many years, and leaving behind a family of gym buddies in Birmingham, finding a decent gym up north was very important to me. I spent a long time researching my options and seeing as it was unlikely that I could stay with my chain of club the search began for a replacement. After a bit of googleing and a quick phone call I went down to Life Leisure, Houldsworth village and after being tempted by a student friendly monthly fee I joined up.

For those that don’t know, Life Leisure is the face of Stockport Sports Trust and the facilities in Reddish seem to be very new and modern. For me there are a number of things I look for in a good gym: cleanliness, decent opening hours, good facilities and staff attitude. The last may seem a little odd but I find it really important to be in a positive, motivating environment. At Life Leisure the staff are friendly but some of the trainers and instructors seem fairly young and at the start of their fitness careers which can limit their knowledge and confidence.

The atmosphere can vary but is normally positive. A wide range of people are members and so working out is not intimidating in the slightest.  During classes there is normally a sense of team morale with members encouraging each other.

All of the facilities are cleaned to a very high standard and most of the equipment is top of the range with iPod docks and if you don’t want to listen to music you can watch one of the wall-mounted televisions. The gym itself is fairly small with limited equipment. They have everything you would expect as well as keeping up to date with the latest freestyle training trend offering ViPR and kettlebell classes; I would like to see more Freestyle equipment such as TRX or core bags but there is simply not the space. Unusually Life Leisure has two X-Dream bikes – exercise bikes that are more like videogames and take your mind off the exercise. Recently one of the indoor football pitches has been transformed into a basketball/badminton court which I am excited to try out.

If you don’t fancy hitting the gym there are a wide variety of classes to try out, although these often become very busy so booking ahead is a must. This can be very frustrating, especially when people do not turn up.

A class only membership is available, and a discounted full membership is also currently on offer at a very reasonable £17.99 per month. Pop into the club for more information and hopefully I’ll see you in there soon.

By Liz Edwards

Snooker Loopy

8 May


With the snooker world championships just finishing, you might fancy yourself as the next Ronnie O’Sullivan or Chas Hodges (look, he’s holding a cue in the picture above. I don’t care if he doesn’t actually play snooker or how his actual profession is singing about rabbits), Reddish Conservative Club have launched their summer league for members.

The cost is £1 per week, it’s every Tuesday at 8pm. There’s a handicap for all players, mine is the fact I need to stand on a box to see over the table, and the top eight get to share a prize fund.

For more information, click on the link below or contact the Conservative Club on 432-1530

Reddish Conservative Club




By Jez Myers